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City of Hampton Parking Regulations

Hampton Prohibits Parking on lawns

Hampton Residents Guideline

Starting July 1st, 2022, residents of Hampton Virginia will no longer be able to park their cars in their front yard. This new regulation is due to residents reporting “unsightliness” and degrading home values in affected neighborhoods. With this new regulation, there are certain guidelines to adhere to the new ordnance. Continue reading below to see if your home is affected and if you may be eligible for a city grant to reimburse the cost of a new driveway. 

Exceptions to Hampton Parking Regulation

If your home or property falls within these guidelines, you are EXEMPT from the new ordinance 

  • If on-street parking is NOT permitted on one or both sides, you MAY park in your yard
  • If you can park behind the plane of the front of the house (unless you have a front & back yard facing rods, it must still be out of site)
  • Stone or Gravel “pull-off area” in your yard

Hampton Residents Required to Get a New Driveway

If your home or property falls within these guidelines, you will need to find a new place to park or install a new driveway.

  • Have available street parking
  • If you have a curb or “apron” and parked in your yard previously, you may not park in the yard
  • If you parked in a semi-grassy area between the road and yard that does not have stone or gravel, you can no longer park there

Exemptions to Residents Who May Be Required for a New Driveway

In accordance with Hampton City guidelines, you may be exempt to this new regulation on a case-by-case basis

  • If you are handicapped you may eligible to park in your yard or reserve a spot on your street.
  • Not enough street parking
  • Your street is NOT marked for “No Parking” but it’s narrow and you are worried your car may be hit.

Up to $2250 in Reimbursement!

Residents in the City of Hampton are eligible for a grant to reimburse the expenses up to $2250 if they do not have an existing driveway

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